Trademark Clearances

Cloudigy®’s Clearance Search Advantage

Cloudigy® doesn’t conduct partial searches on trademarks and call them “preliminary” clearance searches. In contrast, other law firms provide incomplete information regarding a mark in “preliminary” searches. Even their more expensive “comprehensive” clearance searches are missing critical information.

Our clients understand that half an answer is no answer at all.

We’re different because we search the gap . . .

Cloudigy’s trademark searches are comprehensive. We drill into social media—which other firms and professional search companies don’t focus on—and the Internet, in more detail. Consider this:

  • More than 50% of Americans use at least one social media site
  • Facebook is the third largest “country” in the world with more than 800 million active users
  • More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn company pages

Given these statistics, you can’t afford to ignore the valuable mark usage information available in these forums.

We Deliver Results

Cloudigy conducts a detailed investigation of a mark, analyzes potential legal issues, and present the results in a visual opinion—for a fixed fee. Every time.

Imagine looking at your budget and making a decision about how to best use it to develop, protect, and enforce your company’s brands.

At Cloudigy, an experienced attorney who is analyzing the mark conducts our clearance searches. We don’t leave this important task to a database searcher who lacks formal legal training and simply sends the final search results to the firm (a common occurrence at other firms).

This means that Cloudigy’s search results are tailored to the unique mark and its use, and we investigate potential problems as we conduct searches. This important task shouldn’t be left to someone who lacks a full understanding of trademark law and might miss potential legal issues during the search.

Cloudigy’s Clearance Search Menu

The Markigator (company names, and other product or service designations)
The Symbigator (symbols and logos)
The Tagigator (taglines and slogans)

All clearance searches include the Cloudigy Webby Package℠ (domain names and a detailed Internet and social media search).

Give us a try, and you’ll see how we add value to your strategic trademark decisions.