Responsible Discovery, Minimal Disruptions

eDiscoveryAs data stores grow, the costs and strain on a company’s resources caused by preserving, collecting, reviewing, and producing documents in litigations—particularly in IP cases—also rise. A recent Federal Judicial Center report demonstrates that parties involved in IP cases are saddled with discovery expenses that are almost 62% higher than other civil litigations.

Many firms don’t have experienced professionals to supervise discovery or make strategic decisions about IP discovery obligations before they start the process. This means that you absorb extraordinary costs, while outside counsel fails to drive and focus discovery on the documents you need to try and win the case.

Cloudigy® practices rational discovery by using creativity, experience, and a customized solution that fits your needs. We provide the right talent, technology, and processes to respond to ediscovery obligations with structured workflows that minimize disruption to your company.

During IP litigations, our attorneys:

  • Develop responsible and defensible plans for negotiating the scope of production and responding to discovery requests—at reasonable costs that may be budgeted
  • Find creative solutions for searching technical documentation, archived information systems, and complex databases that are generally not relevant in other types of litigations
  • Apply their knowledge of cross-border data transfer issues, export controls, international blocking statutes, privacy laws, and other legal restrictions—which may be in tension with court orders or standard U.S. discovery obligations

Over the years, we have managed the discovery process in many high-stakes IP litigations. Additionally, one of our attorneys participates in The Sedona Conference®—a think tank dedicated to moving the law forward—and actively dialogs with academics, judges, and international representatives on ediscovery, privacy, and cross-border data issues. One of our attorneys is also a senior contributing editor of The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Inactive Data Sources. We keep up with current discovery issues, law, and cutting-edge solutions.

Contact us today to learn how our approach to and experience in tackling complex ediscovery issues can benefit your company.