Turning the Traditional Law Firm Model on its Head

Cloudigy® Law is a highly collaborative firm that relies on a team of attorneys, technologists, information researchers, project managers, technical writers, and litigation support to handle your cases and counseling needs.

This multi-disciplinary team approach allows us to deliver excellent advice and briefs to our clients and the courts. Here’s why:

Attorneys focus on using their legal and technical competencies to support you.

Technologists apply their deep industry expertise and real-world experience to supplement our IP cases and large counseling projects. Most of them have other jobs, so we only use them when our work involves their area of expertise.

Information Researchers know data-mining. They rely on multiple databases and the Internet to dig up the information we need for investigations related to trademark clearances and support litigation efforts.

Project Managers keep everyone organized by tracking and following internal and external deadlines; coordinating information management and document sharing with clients; and leveraging knowledge within and across teams.

Technical Writers are not attorneys by training. They review and edit important papers filed with court and enforce plain English and clarity rules.

Litigation Support staff are technically-savvy and partially virtual. Like any law firm, they prepare and support court filings and other client projects.

Does this sound like a good fit for your company? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.