Have you ever worked with a lawyer who failed to communicate important information in a timely manner? Did you wonder what your law firm was working on, who was working on it, and when you should expect results: a document, a phone call, AN ANSWER?

We don’t believe in that old law firm model. It makes no sense. Though lawyers are service professionals, they consistently fail to communicate price, quality, product, and important, timely information to clients.

At Cloudigy, our clients get transparency….

Cloudigy’s Client Portal

We built a custom portal that helps our clients follow our progress, 24/7. They can quickly and easily review their projects, deadlines, documents, and team members working for them – and the cost of the work we’ve performed.

Cloudigy clients don’t wait for a phone call or an email for a status update. They don’t suddenly receive a huge invoice they weren’t expecting, and they aren’t left in the dark on what work they are paying for.

See for yourself! Watch this demo video of our client portal in action:

Clients Are Part of Our Team

Cloudigy clients aren’t left to wonder if we are working on their important matter or what we think. They see our discussions and know when we need more information from them. They see draft documents and know when it is time for final approval. Information is shared constantly – that’s transparency you don’t get from any other law firm.


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s some feedback we’ve received . . .

“I’ve worked with many large and small law firms over the years. It was always hard to manage the cases, filings, and bills, and to get the information I needed to report significant events and deadlines to my team quickly. Cloudigy’s portal gives it all to the company attorneys and staff in one location, through a web browser, and on any mobile device. Bravo!”

In-house counsel, Fortune 100 Company

“Because of Cloudigy’s client-management tools, I have more time to work on other mission critical projects related to our business. Now I don’t spend precious time wondering what my lawyers need from me and when filings are due.”

In-house counsel, manufactured technology company

“Cloudigy’s effective use of the client collaboration tool means that my email box doesn’t get clogged up with back-and-forth conversations. I can talk with them using Chatter, and that means I never lose a document or a discussion string. The mobile app also makes it easy for me to work with them while I’m on the road.”

Co-founder, Internet technology company

“Cloudigy Law’s focus on enforcing secure communication and document sharing with their clients is unusual, for a law firm. Now I wonder why I used to send very sensitive legal documents using emails and faxes, even though my business is providing secure information solutions to the federal government.”

COO, government contractor in the cybersecurity field

“A welcomed relief from the usual law firm practice of playing hide the ball. This is a firm that other attorneys should model their practices after.”

President, website development and content management company