How We Go Our Own Way

An Innovative Business Model that Delivers the Right Results

Cloudigy®’s clients want 3 things:

  1. The best possible outcome for their IP and technology issues
  2. Excellent legal advice and services for a reasonable price
  3. Accessible attorneys who value open communication and transparency

At Cloudigy, you get strategic counseling and litigation teams with experience and training in the issues that matter to you. Because your projects are handled by a team that includes a mix of technical experts, attorneys, and support staff with specialized skills tailored to your individual needs, you get the right people working on your projects.

Our legal services model is better for you because of our:

Team approach: The team that works on your case brings a diverse set of core competencies and technical and legal experience to the table. (Read more about our team.)

Technology: No matter where they are, our team members and clients have 24/7 secure access to a portal where they can view and work on documents, look up deadlines, and participate in team discussions. We also use sophisticated ediscovery solutions and processes to uncover relevant materials relating to your case.

Transparency: Between the technology we use and our focus on collaboration and clients, every case and project is transparent. This transparency means accountability to you—something that has been missing from the traditional law firm model.

Budgeting: Most law firms don’t take the time to create a budget that allows us to achieve excellent results for you and sets your expectations. Also, Cloudigy team members are judged and rewarded based on the value they provide to you, not by the hours they bill on your work. This means that your interests and our interests are aligned. When you have a realistic budget that a law firm actually sticks to, you are better able to manage your resources and prioritize projects effectively.

Low overhead: We run a paperless practice while maintaining the physical resources to handle your counseling and litigation projects, large meetings, and paper document needs.

Social media: You can find us on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and read our blog to learn more about our IP experiences and personalities. We use these resources to share information about our practice and provide legal updates—in plain English.

If Cloudigy’s model sounds like the right approach for your company, contact us today. We look forward to talking with you about how we can work together.