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24 Feb 0
2015-02-24_Hana TM Tacking_Kandis

Power to the People: In Trademark Law, Consumer is King

The Supreme Court recently ruled in Hana Financial, Inc. v. Hana Bank that the relatively little-known trademark concept of “tacking” is a factual issue that should be decided by a jury, not a legal question for the judge. While the decision may seem unremarkable, it has important implications for your brand protection. A little background: […]

23 Feb 0
2015-02-23_Data Encryption_Ainsley

Encryption, Data & Housekeeping: It’s a Dirty Job We All Have to Do!

Given our reliance on the Internet and the sensitive information transmitted online, security measures must be implemented. Data security over your Internet connection, regardless of whether it’s wireless or wired, is a requirement in today’s business world to protect your digital data. Examine, if you will, the different types of data we exchange in a […]

28 Jan 0
Law Firms Should Focus on Data Security

Why Clients Should Demand that their Law Firms Focus on Data Security

Many lawyers use smart phones and other mobile devices to share information with clients and communicate with their teams when they are out of the office. These new and accessible technologies raise many security and privacy concerns, and clients need to start demanding that their law firms pay attention to these issues. A lawyer’s improper or careless use of mobile technology, court systems, and the firm’s systems can result in loss of clients’ data and legal liability for the firm.

27 Jan 0
Modern Lawyers Embrace and Understand Technology

Mobile Killed the Dinosaur: Why Technical Competence is a Critical Ingredient for a Successful Law Practice

An overwhelming number of websites, blogs, digital ads, and quasi-legal technology companies tout their expertise relating to any legal issue you can imagine. Here’s something you won’t see on those sites but need to decide before you seal the deal: are they technically competent to handle your business, and will they protect your sensitive company information? One of the major issues that many law practices grapple with relates to dinosaur thoughts—an “old ways are best” mentality.

6 Jan 0
Patent FAQs: What Happens During the Patent Process?

Patent FAQs: What Happens During the Patent Process?

Patent prosecution is the process of getting the PTO to issue a new patent; it starts with drafting and filing a patent application. At some point after your patent application has been filed, a patent examiner will review it. During that review process, the examiner will try hard to find evidence that someone else has already described the thing you want to patent.

10 Dec 0
Teaching copyright to students

Education in the 21st Century: Teaching Copyright to Students

A couple of weeks ago while my kids were having a dance party with their friends, I heard one of them say, “I claim copyright on that.” I chuckled to myself, thinking they must have heard me talk about copyright at the dinner table, and I made a mental note to talk about whether dance […]

2 Dec 0
Patent FAQs: Why Do I Need a Patent Attorney?

Patent FAQs: Why Do I Need a Patent Attorney?

Welcome to the second installment of my Patent FAQs Series, where I answer everyone’s burning question on the value of using a patent attorney instead of going it alone. (If you missed the first on the cost of patents, you can find it here.) Do I really need a patent attorney? Yes, you do. It […]

25 Nov 0
An IP Thanksgiving: Yes, You Can Patent Food If You Follow These Rules

An IP Thanksgiving: Yes, You Can Patent Food If You Follow These Rules

Now that leaves are falling around here, we are in serious planning mode for our Thanksgiving feast. You may be surprised to find that many of the staple dishes on your table were once patent-protected inventions. Don’t believe that you can patent food? Check these out:

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Patent FAQs: How Much Does It Cost?

Patent FAQs: How Much Does it Cost?

So, you have a fantastic idea and you want to know if you can get a patent. That’s great. But before you dive in, let’s talk. It always makes sense to understand what you’re getting yourself into before you leap. To make things easy, I’m going to start posting a series of patent FAQs. Each […]

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In The Freezer Section: A Lesson in Trademarks

In The Freezer Section: A Lesson in Trademarks

At the risk of becoming known as the attorney who only blogs about ice cream-related IP, I want to bring your attention to a pending case in the Western District of Texas. There, Amy’s Ice Creams, Inc. and Amy’s Kitchen, Inc. are embroiled in a trademark dispute that is headed to trial. So, beyond my […]