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15 May 0
2015 05 15_twitter hashtag

Social Media Trends & Hashtag Trademark Law

Over the past few months, there has been an interesting trend in trademark law around the world, with the creative use of social media technologies colliding with the creative use of the trademark registration system. Yes, I’m talking about #trademark mania, aka the rush to trademark hashtags. We can talk about the scruples of trademarking […]

10 Apr 0

7 Ways to Protect Your Startup’s Brand

You’ve spent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build your startup (and more friends-and-family money that you care to admit). One of the smartest things you can do at this point (besides hiring a great CFO), is protect your brand from a potential trademark infringers (and avoid a costly rebranding exercise). Here’s a […]

8 Apr 0

Find Your Brand’s Trademark and Keep it, Too!

Have you ever said to your attorney, “Oh, I know I should be thinking about my IP, but …?” Trademark attorneys hear this all the time: you’ve already fallen in love with your brand name, and neither hell nor high water will keep you from using it. Well, both hell and high water exist in […]

20 Mar 0

What Every Company Needs to Know About Building a Strong Brand

Unless you are an attorney, one of the first things you think about when building a company is definitely not trademark issues. Your brand name, logo, product features, services—they all get your utmost attention, as they should. Unfortunately, if you ignore or dismiss trademark issues, it may create issues for your company down the road. […]

17 Mar 0
2015-03-17_Small Business Needs to Know Patents 02_Clyde

It’s a War Out There: What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Patents

I’ll come right out and say it: The world of patents is a minefield for small businesses – and it’s nearly impossible to safely cross by yourself. It is a complicated, often frustrating, and very combative process – and you typically don’t find out how complicated until you’re in pretty deep. By that point, though, […]

9 Mar 0

How to Use Non-Disclosure Agreements to Protect Your IP

Popular culture is full of stories about people and companies who lost their intellectual property (IP) to others and forfeited lucrative opportunities because of it. The common refrain in all of those stories: “I trusted him!” But you can’t take misplaced trust to the bank. How trusting are you? Let’s find out – raise your […]

24 Feb 0
2015-02-24_Hana TM Tacking_Kandis

Power to the People: In Trademark Law, Consumer is King

The Supreme Court recently ruled in Hana Financial, Inc. v. Hana Bank that the relatively little-known trademark concept of “tacking” is a factual issue that should be decided by a jury, not a legal question for the judge. While the decision may seem unremarkable, it has important implications for your brand protection. A little background: […]

23 Feb 0
2015-02-23_Data Encryption_Ainsley

Encryption, Data & Housekeeping: It’s a Dirty Job We All Have to Do!

Given our reliance on the Internet and the sensitive information transmitted online, security measures must be implemented. Data security over your Internet connection, regardless of whether it’s wireless or wired, is a requirement in today’s business world to protect your digital data. Examine, if you will, the different types of data we exchange in a […]

28 Jan Comments Off on Why Clients Should Demand that their Law Firms Focus on Data Security
Law Firms Should Focus on Data Security

Why Clients Should Demand that their Law Firms Focus on Data Security

Many lawyers use smart phones and other mobile devices to share information with clients and communicate with their teams when they are out of the office. These new and accessible technologies raise many security and privacy concerns, and clients need to start demanding that their law firms pay attention to these issues. A lawyer’s improper or careless use of mobile technology, court systems, and the firm’s systems can result in loss of clients’ data and legal liability for the firm.

27 Jan 1
Modern Lawyers Embrace and Understand Technology

Mobile Killed the Dinosaur: Why Technical Competence is a Critical Ingredient for a Successful Law Practice

An overwhelming number of websites, blogs, digital ads, and quasi-legal technology companies tout their expertise relating to any legal issue you can imagine. Here’s something you won’t see on those sites but need to decide before you seal the deal: are they technically competent to handle your business, and will they protect your sensitive company information? One of the major issues that many law practices grapple with relates to dinosaur thoughts—an “old ways are best” mentality.