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1 Apr 0

Our CEO Honored as One of the 2014 Influential Women of Virginia

Influential Women of Virginia Award Recognizes Women Who Are Making Notable Contributions in Their Fields, Communities, and Society Antigone Peyton, Founder and CEO of Cloudigy Law, a cloud-based intellectual property and technology law firm, has been honored with a 2014 Influential Women of Virginia award for her radical transformation of the traditional law firm structure […]

27 Mar 0
Hadid's Wangjing SOHO in Beijing

Drawing the Architectural Copyright Lines

Architectural Inspiration or Unlawful Imitation? In the United States and other countries adhering to the Berne Convention (including China), copyright laws protect certain buildings and building design plans as “architectural works.” But while architectural works are protectable, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish those aspects of the building design that are worthy of copyright protection from […]

11 Mar 0
Techcrunch Hackathon 2013

Hackathons Are For Intellectual Property Hacks

Introducing a Little Known Nerd: the Hackathoner If you don’t live in the tech world, a hackathon is a formal gathering of caffeine-laden software programmers that go into extreme-coding hyper drive for a short period of time. Their goal: to crush a particular coding or operational problem. Originally, hackathons drew a bunch of friends or […]

7 Mar 0

You’ve Been Served… On LinkedIn!

Anonymous Infringers Are Annoying Have you ever tried to contact someone who owns on a domain you want to purchase because it is similar to yours or uses a name or logo on a website that is confusingly similar to yours? I bet you’ve had trouble finding their physical address or figuring out which country […]

21 Feb 1
Dumb Starbucks Twitter Page

Is It Art, Coffee, or Dumb Trademark Infringement?

When Does “Performance Art” Become Trademark Infringement? Recently, a pop-up shop called Dumb Starbucks appeared in Los Angeles, CA, east of the Hollywood Hills. This snappy faux Starbucks sold newly branded versions of Starbucks items, including Dumb Blonde Roast Coffee, and Dumb Lattes. And the mimicry of the Starbucks sales model and shop experience didn’t […]

18 Feb 0
Happy Birthday Song Copyright Lawsuit

It’s Your Birthday and You Can Sue If You Want To…

Television Birthdays Might Get Less Expensive If you are one of the handful of people who loved the short-lived Aaron Sorkin show Sports Night, you might remember the scene where Dan (played by Josh Charles) gets called to the network lawyer’s office because the network has been billed $2,500 by the representatives of Mildred and […]

26 Nov Comments Off

Giving Political Thanks

This is not a story about intellectual property. It is an interesting one nonetheless, because it relates to the time period in which Thanksgiving is celebrated and also because it is kind of funny how politicians will fight about everything, including the “right” date for Thanksgiving. After America was founded, in the early days, Thanksgiving […]

20 Nov Comments Off

Hope for Software Patents

Is There Hope for Software Patents? Software patents have been under attack for many years. As recently as 2010, when the Supreme Court issued the famous Bilski decision that invalidated a business method of hedging financial risk, I noticed that only five justices supported the general idea that patents should protect business methods. In a […]

15 Nov Comments Off

Cost of Frivolous Cases

Supreme Court Crack Down on Frivolous IP Lawsuits? If you are a patent owner, two cases recently accepted for review by the Supreme Court should make you think twice about filing a new patent infringement lawsuit. The reason is: if you lose your case, you may have to pay your accused infringer’s attorneys’ fees. The […]

13 Sep Comments Off

Are High Octane Legal Fees Bad for Business?

Using litigation to stifle competition is common. Can it also be exceptional? The Supreme Court will decide whether to weigh in on the standard for whether a case is “exceptional” to warrant attorneys fees when it considers the petition for writ of certiorari in Octane Fitness LLC v. Icon Health & Fitness, Inc., No. 12-1184 […]